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Federal and Local Tax Resources

Internal Revenue Service:  IRS Website where you can find all their online forms, publications and resources.

IRS Refund Status:  Track your tax return through the IRS website.

Virginia Department of Taxation

  State of Virginia Tax website for Individuals and Businesses.

Comptroller of Maryland  State of Maryland Tax website for Individuals and Businesses.

DC Office of Tax and Revenue  District of Columbia Tax website for Individuals and Businesses.

Fairfax County Application for Tax Relief  Fairfax County of Virginia has an application for tax relief of Real Estate Taxes. Some of our clients have taken advantage of this program.  Please note: Filing Deadline is April 1, 2012. The filing date may be extended to December 31 of the year following the year the application is due if the applicant is applying for relief for the first time or if hardship conditions exist which through no fault of the applicant prohibit applying by April 1 and if proper application is otherwise made.

IRA, Roth IRA and HSA Resources

Fidelity  For your online banking needs.

The Bancorp Bank HSA  The Bancorp Bank is a full-service, FDIC-insured commercial bank. Our Health Care Division is an industry leader serving more than 100,000 HSA accounts. In addition, we are currently ranked in the Top Six of HSA Custodians according to a study by AIS Inc. We have the experience, technology, and dedication to customer service to make it convenient and efficient for you to establish and manage an HSA program.